Detroit Free Press Marathon Massage Team

Sunday October 20, 2019


The Detroit Free Press Marathon is the “Big Daddy” of all sports massage events! You will have to arrive early in the morning and after the runners start coming in will be total chaos (actuality controlled chaos) until 1-2 PM. Every therapist will have to take a mandatory break every hour.

Streets will close early between 4-5AM

  • If you have a table, please bring it. If not that is ok too (no sheets or bolsters needed).
  • Wipes to clean the table, hands and something to eat or drink (there will be food trucks).
  • Please dress warm during the early morning.
  • Oh yes, business cards are helpful.
  • Parking for free next to the tent or 20.00 at Lafayette Blvd. and 2nd Ave.
  • Heated tent, water, t-shirts, credentials will be provided.
  • Contact Rachel Kern at 248-891-8391 with any driving problems.


  • Please be aware of road closures on Sunday. Southbound Lodge Freeway will be closed starting at 4am on Sunday, October 20th.
  • I advise that you arrive around no later than 5am on Sunday, as vehicles will have trouble crossing the course after that time. If you can arrive on Sunday at that time or earlier, you’ll be able to park inside our lot ?

If you need a sports massage refresher or stretches from my Dynamic Stretching class, that will be provided.


Please come and join us to be not only history in the making but a memory you will cherish the rest of your career.


Guarantee your spot or questions at

or contact us link at the bottom of this page.

Sports Massage Course Manual free download

Memories of 2018


2018 picI woke up at 1:30am and gave anywhere between 2018 Pic45-60 massages today! I had such a wonderful experience helping the runners of the Detroit Free Press race.

Thanks for being such a wonderful Massage Race Coordinator Garry! And always reminding us to make massage fun!


2018 Pic

2018 Pic

What a day! I was blessed to work in the massage tent at the Detroit Free Press Marathon! It was a great opportunity and I was able to meet people from all over the United States. 


While some hit a record on how far or fast they could run, I hit a record for how many massages I could do in one day! ?


2018 Pic

2018 PicDetroit Free Press Marathon!! The energy here is so awesome!