Mastering Myofascial Release

Experience myofascial release utilizing an indirect approach which uses gentle techniques for alleviation of pain, improvement of athletic performance, and greater flexibility and ease of movement with minimal residual soreness the next day. Available online.

Over time, for reasons of physical and emotional trauma, habit patterns, disease, and the desiccation of tissue that can accompany the aging process, fascial tissue can get hard, rigid, and inelastic. In short, fascial tissue will change from a lubricant to an adhesive. This binding up of fascial tissue causes a great deal of what the patient experiences as stress, tension, and pain, and loss of ease and range of motion.

In this course, we’ll focus on Myofascial Release which uses an indirect approach. Other forms of Myofascial Release using a direct approach address the muscles and bones which comprise approximately 20% of our tissue. Due to the elastic nature of muscles, the results usually only last until the tissue springs back – from a couple of hours to a couple of days. To create lasting change, one must also release the other 80%, the connective tissue. Unlike muscles which respond quickly to stretch or manipulation, the connective tissue requires 5-7 minutes of gentle, sustained pressure in order to release.

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Mastering Myofascial Release
Course (2 CE Hours) $40.00

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Mastering Myofascial Release
Digital Media
Course (2 CE Hours) $40.00

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What you will learn

  • Describe the origins of Myofascial Release and how it evolved to the present day to enhance soft tissue treatments
  • Apply myofascial techniques that utilize less pressure to exactly treat at the deepest level
  • Analyze more invasive fascial treatments and how to utilize direct and indirect treatments together
  • Discuss the most recent research findings pertaining to fascia and fascial treatments
  • Preservation of practitioner strength and functionality
  • Suggested patient and clinician positioning is demonstrated and used in hands-on lab

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