Effective Treatments for Sciatica

A unique manual therapy course to improve your treatment of sacroiliac, low back, hip and sciatica pain not commonly associated with the condition. Available Online.

Sciatica is a set of symptoms that may be caused by general compression and/or irritation of one of the five spinal nerve roots.  Piriformis syndrome while related and many times confused with sciatica, points more to a specific origin of dysfunction. Sciatic nerve dysfunction affects nearly 40 percent of adults at some point during their lifetime.

Among the many possible causes of nerve compression, spinal disc herniation leads the list of much research material, but spinal disc herniation accounts for only 5 percent in sciatica cases. The condition can cause extreme pain and numbness and in some cases, the syndrome has no specific cause. Traditional medical treatment is beginning to be replaced by alternative therapies such as specialized massage with amazing results.

This course will focus on the hip and sacroiliac area. A prolonged sitting posture can lead to tight hip flexor muscles that encourage weakness in the low back. Bending of the knees in this position will cause tight hamstrings muscles which pull the ischium downwards that further strain the low back and can compress the sciatic nerve.

Encompassing a variety of myofascial techniques, cross grain, cross fiber friction, dynamic extension release and a form of strain/counter strain for the hip used in treating debilitating pain of the lower extremities. These methods will be demonstrated in order for participants to see how they can be substituted as non-surgical alternatives. You will not only be able to immediately experience the results for yourself, but will also be able to apply these techniques with various patients or clients.

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Effective Treatments for Sciatica
Online Course
(2 CE Hours) $40.00

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Effective Treatments for Sciatica
Digital Media Course
(2 CE Hours) $40.00

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What you will learn

  • Identify lower crossed syndromes of muscle imbalance
  • List 4 contributing factors associated with Sciatica
  • Discover effective cross grain release for tissue adhesions of the leg
  • Perform 6 take home self-help exercises
  • Active isolated assisted-stretching to enhance post-treatment
  • Kinesiology tape treatment for sciatic pain
  • Demonstrate 2 techniques to treat soft tissue dysfunction on the legs, sacroiliac, gluteus, low back, and anterior hip with repetitive video playback

Included in your online course:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Course Video
  • Manual for Effective Treatments for Sciatica Course
  • Course Exam
  • PowerPoint Slides for Effective Treatments for Sciatica Course
  • Online/Distance Learning Course Evaluation
  • Instant Certificate of Achievement with a passing score