Sports Massage

Focus on rehabilitation of acute athletic injuries using advanced sports massage techniques.
Available “Live” only.

Sports Massage is the application of massage techniques to improve athletic performance. When administered sports massage can be used to warm up muscles before an event so the muscles will respond more quickly. Sports massage can be used after an event to dispel toxic lactic acid, delayed onset muscle soreness and can decrease recovery by half as much.

Sports Massage true claim to fame is during training and conditioning to help athletes achieve peak performance and decrease the likelihood of injury. When an injury is present, Sports Massage is a very effective modality used for rehabilitation.

The foundation of Sports Massage utilizes techniques developed by P. H. Ling in 1812. They are: effleurage, petrissage, vibration, tapotement, compression, friction, and shaking.

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What you will learnclass pic

  • Contraindications for use of sports massage, and be able to list benefits of sports massage.
  • —Hydrotherapy / cryotherapy protocol
  • Perform —Pre and Post Event Routine.
  • Able to perform —specific lengthening techniques
  • Learn —Injury Assessment and Evaluation
  • Injury rehabilitation / prevention strategies
  • Understanding of the essentials of sports biomechanics
  • Find the predominant fiber type in a particular muscle
  • Dynamic extension release