Dynamic Stretching

According to the Mayo Clinic, the top five benefits of stretching include: increased flexibility and joint range of motion, improved circulation, better posture, stress relief, and enhanced coordination. Available online.

Improve range of motion, increase strength and flexibility as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with any other type of therapy. Using Reciprocal Inhibition these movements will not only elongate tight muscles and ligaments that have been treated, reeducate the injured tissue, but will also strengthen weaken areas without activating the stretch reflex.

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Dynamic Stretching
Course (2 CE Hours) $40.00

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Dynamic Stretching
Digital Media
Course (2 CE Hours) $40.00

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What you will learn

  • Upon completion of the course the student will be able to discuss the most recent research findings pertaining to stretching.
  • Why some forms of stretching are not as effective and can cause injury.
  • Analyze the 4 components of stretching that are missed in today’s therapy.
  • Perform 19 self-help exercises.
  • Be able to perform 27 stretches to treat soft tissue dysfunction on the back, arms, shoulders, chest, neck, legs, and feet.
  • Increase proprioception while allowing tissue to stretch without activating the stretch reflex.

Included in your online course:                      

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