Treating Technology Neck

Interpreting hidden clues the body is trying to tell us. Available online.

Due to the variety of body types, incorrect posture differs from person to person and is constantly changing. We commonly observe people with “poor” posture who are pain-free and other people with “good” posture who have pain. The type of activities performed by people varies widely, resulting in different stress demands on tissues of the body. There is no one ideal posture that exists for all people because tissues will adapt to meet the unique stress demands of each person. Injury occurs when tissues are unable to adapt to meet the demands of a given posture or task.

Health care providers write exercise prescriptions for people to build regular movement and more effective posture into their daily habits all of the time. The reason this fails most of the time people are not told that to replace a bad habit they have been doing a long time with a good one requires first to recognize the importance to change.  The person cannot eliminate a bad habit; they need to replace it with a better one. They do not need to be someone else; they just need to return to the person they used to be.

This course will combine elements of “effective treatments of the neck and head”, “pain-free posture”, and “effective treatments for temporomandibular joint/intra oral”, along with a few new ones. We will focus on the tonus and phasic muscles of the upper torso and how they influence major joints of the neck, rib pain, and TMJ. Once these muscles and surrounding fascia are released with an easy to follow protocol and all that is left is to provide follow up exercises the patient or client can do at home.

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Treating Technology Neck
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Treating Technology Neck
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(5 CE Hours) $50.00

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What you will learn

  • Discuss the etiology of Cervical Radiculopathy and stages of progression
  • Avoiding positions that increase arm and/or neck symptoms
  • Medications, traction, and a well-designed physical program that have proven effectiveness
  • With the proper treatment, 80-90% of patients can be treated nonoperative
  • Massage Therapy can be a useful adjunct in relieving pain
  • A 5 minute TMJ/Intra Oral treatment to increase awareness with lasting results
  • An effective treatment for chronic debilitating rib pain

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